The DALS practice has been retained in matters involving environmental contamination and property damages issues, including “stigma.” We have used both hedonic and traditional valuation methodologies to calculate damages. DALS members are thoroughly versed in evidence thresholds, class certification issues, damages literature and damages theory, accepted and fringe methodologies and the need to understand and separate accepted methods from “junk” science, and other special issues in matters of this type.

  • Ground water contamination on Long Island, New York, involving allegations regarding value diminution and the inability of owners to sell and finance their properties.
  • Ground water contamination in Illinois resulting from a pipeline rupture and release of 100,000 gallons of refined gasoline.
  • Mold in New York City retail space.
  • Mold and other issues related in construction defects in luxury condominiums in Washington, D.C.
  • Periodic releases of Chromium 6 at several California locations and the impact of such releases on the value of surrounding properties.
  • Groundwater contamination of several properties in Western North Carolina.
  • Alleged improper disposal of radioactive waste Long Island, New York.
  • Ground water contamination and residual issues involving a subdivision in suburban Atlanta.
  • Develop opinions on the adequacy of a bankruptcy reorganization plan regarding a Super Fund site and other contaminated properties in Philadelphia.
  • Groundwater contamination and subsequent reductions in assessed values Midwest city.
  • Groundwater contamination concerning an office building, suburban Washington, D.C.
  • Coal tar contamination, Burlington, Vermont.
  • Value impairment issues regarding storage of used nuclear waste at three power stations in Northeast U.S.

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